• Remove ammonium and phosphorous from municipal¬†wastewater (followed by use of the by-product then repurposed as fertilizer)
  • Eliminate metals from drinking, waste, and industrial water
  • Clear calcium from household tap water
  • Extract trichloroethylene from underground household water
  • Remove and recover heavy metals from acid rock drainage
  • Remove water and carbon dioxide from select petroleum hydrocarbons
  • Eliminate sulfur dioxide and arsenic gasses from smokestack emissions at power and chemical plants
  • Extract hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and water vapor from natural gas
  • Trap radioactive contamination created by radionuclides Cesium 137 and Strontium 90 from soil and water, and farm animal feed (used effectively in Chernobyl, Ukraine)
  • Improve growth and feed utilization, reduce incidence and severity of diarrhea, and reduce odors from animal waste when added to feed
  • Clears toxic ammonia from fish tanks and fish hatcheries
  • De-waters and solidifies wastewater sludge.