For Better Health Human Consumption

Clinoptilolite is a member of the Zeolites family of minerals, it is a microporous inorganic hydrated aluminosililicate mineral with a three-dimensional, stable and open honeycomb structure that is negatively charged. The structure contains loosely retained cations (negatively charged ions) that are available for exchange.It forms small matrices, becomes very porous and has the unique ability to charge within the matrix and on the surface.Health Restored’s ability to lose and gain water reversibly and to exchange extra frame-work cations, both without change to the crystalline structure, is the basis of its unique properties.As a dietary supplement, Health Restored is processed according to GMP guidelines, disinfected and micronized, packaged for consumer consumption in powder, encapsulated or tablet form. Health Restored is GRAS “Generally Recognized as Safe” certified by the FDA

When ingested, it is inert, therefore it will not interact/react chemically with food or body fluids or their metabolites. They act in two (2) basic modes:

  • Cation exchange (example Ca+1 or Ca+2, for lead (Pb+3))
  • Encapsulation by surface loads.

For Better Health Human Consumption

When health restored is ingested it enters the digestive tract, where its chemical and physical properties allow it to absorb heavy metals (arsenic, lead, chromium, mercury, etc.) and other toxins into its structure where they are captured. In the process of going through the villi of the small intestine, the Health Restored is marked with an enzyme when it has attached to the toxins, it will then instruct the body to reroute the Health Restored toxin through the lymphatic system to the colon or kidney and the toxins are expelled from the body naturally.Why use Health Restored?
The typical over-the-counter detoxification product concentrates on “colon cleansing” type applications, Health Restored focuses on cleaning toxins throughout the body!
Health Restored has been proven to be one of the purest in the world.

A study entitled: “Zeolite: investigation of effectiveness and safety as an oral chelating agent for heavy metals, Karampathtsis 2012”, concluded that the study data showed that:

  • It has proven to be a safe substance for human consumption.
  • It has been shown to be an effective oral rant agent for the detoxification of several toxic formulations.
  • When properly prepared as an oral supplement, Health Restored can support the human body to get rid of heavy and toxic metals with minimal or no side effects.
  • It can be used in cases of poisoning by arsenic, lead, mercury or radiation to remove harmful metals without overloading the body.

Health Restored for human consumption is sold in capsules, or powder.

Not all Zeolites are the same. There are over 40 different types found naturally around the world. Only natural Clinoptilolite with a high Calcium concentration is used in Human consumption (6% or higher).

1. Will bind heavy metals (arsenic, lead, mercury) and other toxins in the intestine, acting as a buffer.
2. Can block the absorption, of cancer causing substances.
3. Can serves as a natural antacid.
4. Has shown it does not bind to vitamins and nutrients.
5. Aids in keeping pH levels in balance.
6. Aids in reducing gas and bloating.
7. Can assist the body in maintaining the balance of healthy bacteria in the intestine and colon.
8. May help reduce side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.
9. May aid in the reduction of blood levels of alcohol.
10. May reduce Acid reflux and Stomach Ulcers.
11. Antioxidant activity and ability to bind heavy metals and toxins may give it a role in liver health.
12. May shrink cancer tumors and prevent their growth.
13. May boost the effects of chemotherapy.
14. May improve overall health and prolong the lifespan.
Note: The statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.